Layla Copeland


I’ve never had a problem going out on a limb with experimentation.  As long as I can remember, I was always trying color and pattern combinations in my artwork and in my designs.  I love the impact color can have on us in both a physical and emotional reaction.  Color can set a mood, fill a room, mirror a personality, change a feeling and make an outfit.  Having been trained in fine art I use that same aesthetic approach to my designs.  The designs aren’t just about their functionality, although yes they ultimately have to be functional, but they are about creating an accent to everyday life.  It should catapult you from the mundane. 

I started sewing around age 12.  It started with Halloween costumes, pillows and then slowly progressed into creating my own designs.  In college my focus went more towards Fine Art and Printmaking until I went on a trip to visit my grandmother and ended up at a wonderful antique and vintage shop.  I purchased the most amazing 1940’s Japanese silk clutch for $4 and it immediately became my prized possession and still is.  The simplicity of that vintage bag was so beautiful; it inspired me to start designing handbags. 

After college I moved to Italy where I didn’t have access to a sewing machine, so instead of sewing handbags out of fabric I started constructing them out of the beautiful papers that were available there.  I employed traditional bookbinding techniques to make the handbags and devised a special protective coating to plasticize the paper so they could be carried outside, rain or shine and sustain their durability.  Once I returned home and had access to a sewing machine, I started working on a design that would combine the feeling of the paper handbags with the simplicity of the vintage clutch that originally inspired me. 
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Relish 941.275.2713
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Favorite things about summer:

- Hot Fudge Sundaes
- Surfing
- Waterskiing
- Afternoon rain
- Club soda with fresh lime and mint